Private Counseling

Samantha Lynch is a registered dietitian who uses nutrition to change lives. She doesn’t offer a quick fix, but helps clients make a lifestyle change that is permanent. Choosing real foods, making time for yourself, and getting at least seven hours of sleep each night is what she calls the “best recipe for a healthy and energetic you.”

Samantha offers personalized assessments and counseling tailored just for you. She then develops an achievable plan of action to reach all your wellness goals. Find out how Samantha can modify, adjust and replace some of your unhealthy habits with innovative tools that will help you accomplish all your goals.

Counseling Specialties

Weight Management
Wedding Preparation: Walk the Aisle in Style!
Diabetes Prevention/Controlling Diabetes
Digestive Disorders including Celiac Sprue
Eating Disorders
Food Allergies – Food Sensitivity Testing
General Wellness – How to sustain a long, energetic and healthy life
Geriatric Nutrition
Heart Health/Cardiac Disease Prevention
Maximizing your Metabolism
Pre/Post Natal & Gestational Diabetes
Post-Baby Weight: How to Lose it for Good
Sports Nutrition

Initial Consultation

The initial one-hour visit consists of obtaining an extensive health and nutritional history. She will assess your daily eating habits, goals and create customized plans that won’t compromise the things you love.

Follow-up Sessions

During 30 minute or one-hour follow-up sessions, Samantha will review your progress, address questions and work on specific areas that are challenging for you. She’ll also provide additional nutritional education. She educates, guides, supports and helps motivate you to achieve your goals. You may purchase individual sessions or nutrition packages (3 sessions, 5 sessions, 10 sessions and 20 sessions).*

* The number of follow-up visits varies by individual, depending on their needs.
* Nutrition sessions can be conducted in the privacy of your home or office, over the phone, on FaceTime/Skype, and over email to accommodate
your needs and time constraints.


Cancellation Policy

Samantha has a firm 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel an appointment without emailing or calling her within 24 hours, you will be charged 100% of the fee for that service. There are no exceptions. Thank you for adhering to this policy.